Grovving up in France I used to watch and help my mother cooking from scratch every day. We lived in a remote area, so grew our own produce and ate seasonal nutrient-dense food ripe from the garden.

I was shocked when I first came to London and encountered processed foods.

I trained as a Mıchelm-star chef in France and have vvorked for some of the vvorld’s most renowned chefs. I decided to separate from Classic French cooking, with its emphasis on rich food. and with health increasingly in mind, I became accomplished at preparing Macrobiotic. true Paleo, and Vegan food. I then launched my career as a private chef and have been in demand ever since.

Г ve been working for high profile clıents at some exotic bcatbns, and cooking on board both an aırcraft and a superyacht.

My clients demand an amazing-Standard of food. delicbus, and immaculatety presented.

They’re also lookıng at keeping their figüre, and maintaining high energy levels, so they expect nutrient-dense food, whıch is where having nutritional knowledge comes in.

İt was not until I was in London and was approached by CNM to become a cookıng teacher and lecturer that I realized that CNM’s holistic food-based approach to health was exactly what I was looking for, having aiways mtuitively seen food as medicine. So not only did I agree to teach chef skills, I also set out at last to fulfil my own ambıtion of becoming a Nutritbnist, and enrolled on a CNM Dipbma in Naturopathic Nutritbn.

The course was amazing, I learnt so many new and fascinating things about food and ıts effect on the body, backed by scıence and traditional use.

Graduating has allowed me to be a private chef who is able to offer my clients truly personalısed nutrıtion. I see other clients in my capacity as a Nutritionist.

İt helps that I can inspıre them with real recipes, and can cook for them if reguired so ali they have to do is enjoy.

There is no doubt that there is a grovving interest in food that supports and promotes health. I teach cooking and cooking methods, knife skills, presentation, tastes and flavours on CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma Traıning.

İt ıs a part time course, ideal for food lovers who want to know how to prepare delicious gourmet meals with the focus on nutritional value, vvhether for fnends and family or to make a career in natural food.

The students are taught to use vvhole, organıc, fresh and minımally processed foods in season which is somethıng close to my heart. They gain an understanding of how the body works and the impact of food choices, and how individualised foods can enhance health.

What I love most about teachmg is the students’ enthusiasm and theır eagerness to learn. It’s great to know that l’m passing on my skills, and my passıon for good food and health.



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